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Haven Ministries For Women

Women Meeting With Women in a Safe Place with God

Prophetic Word that Started Haven

Thursday, August 6, 2009 11:30 pm 

The Lord is going to do a countywide work with hurting women of all ages. The younger will be drinking (as calves to the udders of a cow). There will be single moms and widows. You will also minister to pastors’ wives.

They will come together to pray and intercede for home, family, ministry, etc. There will also be deliverance and fellowship as part of the format.

The friends, that will be made, will be life-long friends and sisters. This is the inheritance and blessing God will bring forth.

The Lord will give the same vision to other women in every city in the USA.

This will be a haven for women. (Prophet says – This might be a good name to call it.)

This ministry will grow.

Women will be able to be themselves.

It’s possible that a book will come out of this.

The prophet saw flyers as a way to get the info out.

You will all learn how to be better Brides of Christ.

Godly women will rise up and this will ultimately help the Church (meaning the Body of Christ) to grow.

You have been prepared “for such a time as this.”